Cefe F. Valenzuela Landfill

We transformed a portion of Chapman Ranch in south Texas into a cost-efficient, eco-friendly working landfill – constructing the intake facility, as well as roads, buildings and even computer systems on behalf of the City of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Date: October 2005 – December 2006
Cost: $16,718,951.41
Expertise: General Contracting/Landfill

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Royal Oaks Country Club Renovation

We meticulously balanced the earthwork for both this golf course and its adjacent subdivision as part of an extremely ambitious, multi-faceted project that required the simultaneous relocation of over one million cubic yards of dirt to achieve the designer’s vision, which included elevated views from residential building sites onto a premier golf course.

Date: October 1999 – June 2001
Cost: $2,477,445.00
Expertise: Golf/Subdivision Construction

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North Floodway Levee Rehabilitation

The International Boundary and Water Commission chose us to raise a 42-mile section of this existing levee near the Texas-Mexico border, from 23rd Street to FM 1015. We cleared, benched, and imported material and placed it in compacted lifts to meet stringent federal government specifications.

Date: September 2009 – December 2011
Cost: $24,970,624.31
Expertise: Levee Construction

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Ditch “H” Widening

After widening more than a mile of ditch drainage, including the Brazos River junction, we blended the residual material (per different repurposing requirements) and transported it via tandem dump trucks for use as commercial fill in Sugar Land, levee reinforcement at Telfair subdivision and stockpiling the surplus for the County.

Date: June 2004 – December 2005
Cost: $9,698,547.00
Expertise: Multisite Coordination

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Pierce Junction Encap Golf Course Reconstruction (“Wildcat Golf Club”)

We turned a closed landfill into a functioning golf course by excavating new and existing borrow pits and then placing the earthen material over the landfill to create an unique recreational experience, leveraging our special expertise to safely complete this golf course overlooking Reliant Stadium and downtown Houston.

Date: December 1999 – December 2002
Cost: $3,918,685.90
Expertise: Golf/Landfill Construction

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