Your project is our priority.

Our knowledgeable professionals are many things – reliable, responsible, responsive – people you can depend on to get it right the first time, every time. We have nationwide experience successfully completing projects, along with multiple state licenses and credentials. Whatever your project requires, we can deliver.

But what really defines us is our respect for your project and our commitment to turning your vision into your success.

That’s why we nurture passionate professionalism in our highly educated, bilingual team. And we equip them with the tools and technologies to keep our staff instantly accessible while making every part of your project transparent, seamless and cost-efficient.

Most importantly, ours is a culture of accountability. It shows in the way we take complete ownership for our actions and maintain the highest standards of integrity in how we conduct ourselves as we transform your vision into reality for you.

Who we are


  • High standards upheld regarding presentation and business attire
  • Comprehensive ongoing training required of all employees
  • Staff members are educated with the majority holding a college degree
  • We treat our clients and our team members with courtesy and respect at all times 


  • Continued stability since incorporation in 1993
  • Experienced and talented staff with specialization in excavation
  • Portfolio contains completion of large-scale complex projects (i.e. Cefe Venezuela, IBWC, Sienna Plantation, etc.)
  • Maintenance of a debt-free record and a clean safety record
  • Securely bonded
  • Strong fiduciary responsibility
  • Tenaciously strive to exceed customers’ satisfaction and always hold ourselves responsible for deliverables and producing desired results 


  • Groundbreaking and tech-driven innovations
  • Email communication exists throughout the company
  • No change orders initiated by the Longhorn Excavators team
  • Generate computerized digital reports and open transparency in all aspects of the project 


  • Executive team and project managers are always within reach
  • Digital reports ensure transparency both internally and externally at all phases
  • Majority of project managers are bilingual for accurate communication with employees